Whenever I have mentioned the word ‘compliance’ during marketing lunches, or workshops, there is a collective groan.

A lot of you are worried about facing fines from the FCA due to financial promotions, or that your post will reach the wrong audience.

I’m here to tell you that the water is safe, I have also read through the FCA’s social media guidelines so you don’t have to. De rien.

I have created a series of 3 videos to hopefully explain quickly and simply the FCA rules, you can view below :

You can read the FCA Social Media guidelines in full here.

What has become evident from meeting many of you across Europe this year, is that creating a better working relationship with your compliance team, is key to success in utilising online platforms in marketing.

I wanted to highlight some of the workarounds this year, and hope that it may inspire you to book that meeting with compliance and work out a strategy that could benefit both of you.

  • Digital ambassadors, these people represent and spread the news of the company on social platforms, they sign a document to advise they understand the guidelines/tone of voice needed.
  • Involving compliance from day one of a marketing campaign – if compliance know what your aims are from the beginning they are less likely to quash them and give some advice on how best to proceed, this way you don’t run into any time snaggages further down the line waiting for sign off.
  • Pre-signed off evergreen content, which you can use on all platforms without needing compliance look at.

Thi is just the tip of the ice-berg of course, so we will be coming back to this topic again, and if you have any thoughts/ideas/rants about compliance you want to talk about, please do get in touch.

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