OK, so depending on the social platform you are using there are different ways to target different audiences using just one account (rather than setting up multiple).


There are a few things you can do to target different audiences on LinkedIn, and luckily you don’t have to pay for all of them.

    1. Set up a showcase page. It will sit under the company page, so if you have specific service or product you can segregate, you can have 10 showcase pages per parent company page.
    2. When posting an update, you can change the audience from anyone to a targeted audience. To do this click on the dropdown menu under your logo when you are writing a post
      linkedin audience
      You’ll be able to select whether everyone can see or targeted.
      linkedin audience
      You can then select how you’d like to drill it down, for example on some our Italian sponsored posts I will select Language and Location as Italian and Italy. It is worth noting you can only select these options if more than 300 followers match this description. You can also do this on showcase pages too, so you can really drill down to a niche audience if you so wish.3)  Paid ads, so as you’ll be aware LinkedIn also offers paid advertising, and the LinkedIn audience have twice as much buying power as the average web audience.You can customise your ads from , LinkedIn has put together a great in depth guide on targeting here.


Facebook and Instagram

You can also use the Facebook Ads Manager for creating ads on Instagram, you do need to ensure that your Instagram account is a business account (for this it has to be linked to a Facebook company page).Instagram have put together a nice guide to creating ads here.

I also quickly want to mention their Audience Network. It is an option you can opt in and out of for each ad you create, if you opt in, it means that your ad will be shown across selected sites, OFF Facebook, you can also lower your CPC by opting in too, as audience network placements cost less than even Facebook ads themselves.

If you are curious to know who the partners are on the network there is a list here, do bear in mind this is from 2017 so this will have increased by then.Also you can see the placement of ads (how they’ll look) for both networks here.



Twitter always seems to be a bit of a weird one for the asset management business, a lot of worry centres around posts reaching an unintended audience, or somehow breaking the FCA’s social media financial promotions guidelines, which I covered here.

Twitter ads have some very clever targeting options, from the standard age/gender targeting down to targeting an audience based on the people and companies they follow, to TV targeting, utilising the shows they are interacting with (think your Game Of Thrones or Made In Chelsea Twitter commentary you see).

Twitter is used for more real-time interaction, such as; breaking news, commenting on TV shows as they are happening (as mentioned above) and discussing opinions (don’t mention the B word). Also do not underestimate the amount of ‘lurkers’ on this platform, so even if something is not getting actual interaction, that doesn’t mean it’s not being seen.

You can find out more about Twitter’s targeting here.

Doing all the above is all well and good but knowing where your target audience spends its time is the most important thing to work out before you commit to a strategy on any of the above channels, once you know this you will be better equipped to know where to plug your resources.

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