When I launched this site last week, one of the things I asked is what would you like to see on the blog, and a fair number of you said more on what others are doing on social media.

I have already gone into depth about what I think Goldman Sachs are doing right as a whole, but this time I want to look more at a specific platform.


And there is one company that I think is utilising it very well, which is Amundi.


The first thing you notice with their Instagram is that they have used their hashtag as their profile photo, so there is no second guessing what you should be tagging to get their attention on the platform.

They have also verified their account, whilst not necessary, it does give authority and reassurance to those visiting the account they are in the right place. If you want to know how to verify yours head here.

Let’s talk about their grid. What is the one thing you notice about it? It’s people!

amundi instagram grid

Their grid is filled with their employees, open days, and behind the scenes, it really gives you an idea of the people that work at the company and what they get up to in relation to charities.

They are also very good with their descriptions on each photo too, it’s a decent sized length, which encourages people to spend longer looking at their profile, and they have relevant hashtags, on the post too (but not overkill, which can be detrimental to how Instagram places your posts in people’s algorithms).

amundi instagram post

And finally, my favourite part of their Instagram profile are their Instagram Stories and Highlights.

One of the best ones was their #JoinAmundi Instagram story series they did of their open day including behind the scenes, it was a really lovely series and gave you an idea of what it is like to work for the company, and made them incredibly personable.

You can see the story highlight below!

#JoinAmundi – @myamundi

See Instagram ‘#JoinAmundi’ highlights from My Amundi (@myamundi)

I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for any other great social media profiles or campaigns that asset management companies implement, so do keep checking back.

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